MSP Vienna 2022

KNOW NUKES TOKYO coming to Vienna

Japanese government is not joining the 1st MSP of TPNW which is very irresponsible as the only country experienced A-bomb.

We decided to take place of the role of our government to tell the stories of HIBAKUSHA, A-bomb survivor and the message of Japanese citizen to abolish to abolish nuclear weapons.

KNOW NUKES TOKYO was launched last May, by 2 college students born and raised in HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI. It was founded to make a place to design and create a civilian movement to abolish nuclear weapons in Tokyo, outside of the A-bombed areas. Currently, we have 7 members, mainly initiating the “Giin Menkai Project”, interviewing Japanese politicians about their opinions over nuclear disarmament, and the “Online Hibakusha Testimonial Project”, creating online dialogue space about the HIBAKUSHA stories.  

We submitted working paper↓